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About Santova

The Santova Group is an international technology-based trade solutions specialist

The Santova Group is an international technology-based trade solutions specialist listed on the main board of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE in South Africa. With over 22 own offices in 11 countries and an extensive network of strategic partners globally, our focus is on assisting companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors through multi-dimensional innovative global trade solutions.

Santova provides international freight products and multimodal shipping solutions customised to unique client requirements. With a proven track record as an end-to-end supply chain solution provider, Santova Logistics assists clients to efficiently and cost effectively manage all logistical needs.

Our significant global volumes and long-standing relationships with shipping lines, airlines and road transporters result in highly competitive freight rates and service excellence that exceeds expectations. We demand the best from our partners and agents, so you can expect the same from us.

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Santova’s Offices in Asia

Asia has solidified its position as the global hub of manufacturing, and as such our local offices in Asia play a pivotal role in servicing our local and international clients. We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled supply chain services at highly competitive rates, setting us apart as a premier choice in the industry.

Our offices in Asia are strategically located in Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam:

  • Singapore: A thriving business hub renowned for its pro-business environment, world-class infrastructure, and strategic location as a gateway to Asia-Pacific markets.
  • Hong Kong: An international financial powerhouse offering a favourable business climate, robust legal framework, and seamless connectivity to global markets.
  • Vietnam: An emerging manufacturing hub with cost-effective labour, a rapidly growing consumer market, and preferential access to international trade agreements.

Santova Group’s Global Presence

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